Onkud.com eBay reviews made possible!

Read Items's Reviews Before Buying

What if you want to buy an item on eBay but you are not sure how good or bad the item is. You see the item has been sold a lot, but you cannot communicate with the people who bought that same item to get their opinion about the item! You look up seller's feedback reviews, but those reviews are for the whole inventory of the seller, not for the item you are interesting in buying! Ouch!
Onkud allows you to read, write and share your experience about individual eBay products. No need to buy eBay items blindly any more! Read reviews about eBay items, not seller's whole inventory!

Purchase Last Minute Deals

Buyers can use Onkud to search for hot items on eBay and find last minute deals (for example, auctions that are ending soon with no or a few bids).

Insights for Sellers

Sellers too can use Onkud services to maximize their profit by knowing about trending and top selling products on eBay. In addition, sellers can guiding their listings by knowing what attracts people's attention the most by looking at eBay items with most numbers of watchers or bids.

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